Weighted Clothing

Weighted Clothing

Weighted Clothes

Increasing the impact of a workout is ideal for athletes and those in training to improve the overall tone of their body. The use of weighted workout clothing and a high-intensity training program returns noticeable results. These options can be used at home, in a professional athletic training, schools, fire, police and military training programs, plus, much more.

We offer weighted workout vests for both men and women. The weights of our vest selection ranges from 10-pounds to 140 pounds with a few different styles available for varying comfort levels and fitness level needs. Slim and short vest options are ideal for maintaining full ranges of motion during plyo workouts, trunk twists and other athletic training exercises, while the MiR Pro Vest gives you the ability to load weights up to 140 lbs for extreme training needs.

We offer weighted training clothes by MiR, a leading manufacturer of weighted vests for speed and plyometric training. Our selection of weighted workout clothes featured rugged nylon construction for a combination of strength, durability and breathability. Plus, our selection of weight vests are adjustable, allowing you to personalize your workout based on fitness level and exercise type. We offer our best prices upfront with free shipping nationwide on our selection of men's and women's weighted training clothing!

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