Hex Trap Bars

Hex Trap Bars

Shrug Bars

Gtech Fitness® offers quality home and commercial trap bars for sale by Body Solid, Troy Barbell VTX, Valor and York Barbell Company. These hex bars are ideal for performing deadlift exercises with a more central center of gravity, helping to reduce lower back strain and promote better exercise ergonomics.

Deadlift exercises are notorious for helping lifters attain higher strength levels overall. It is an exercise that incorporates a vast majority of the body's muscle groups, all in one exercise. Plus, high intensity exercises that incorporate large muscle groups have been shown to help elevate the body's natural testosterone levels, making this exercise a favorite among experienced power lifters and bodybuilders.

Our hex deadlift bars are equipped with either single or dual grip options and are available in chrome or zinc finishes that protect against rust and corrosion in tough gym settings. Due to their commercial grade construction, they are ideal for home gyms, high school weight rooms, military, colleges and commercial fitness centers.

  • Solid Bar Fitness Mega Hex Trap Bar

    Solid Bar Fitness Mega Hex Trap Bar

    Solid Bar Fitness

    Description: When it comes to heavy shrugs and deadlift workouts, the Solid Bar Fitness Mega Hex Bar is a great, specialized training bar for these types of exercises. It features high quality American made steel construction with a dual-grip...
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