Weightlifting Plates

Weightlifting Plates

Home & Gym Exercise Plates

At Gtech Fitness® we offer a good selection of home and commercial weight lifting plates for sale from quality manufacturers, such as Body Solid, TKO, Troy Barbell VTX and York Barbell Company. They are available by the pair or in a wide variety of plate set sizes.

There are a few factors that separate higher quality barbell plates from lower quality ones. First, the base material the plate is made with. Cast iron is the material of choice, due to its strength, low cost and ability to easily mold and shape into the desired end product. York Iso Grip Plates use a steel composite, much stronger than cast iron, so holds up better to drops and resists cracking or breaking much better.

Next, the manufacturing precision of the plate comes into play with the overall price. Higher precision plates take added steps to enhance quality, such as machining for smoother surfaces and more precise shaping. In addition, taking steps to increase overall weight accuracy of the plate to create a lower weight deviation. All plates have a weight deviation. Cheap weightlifting plates have higher weight deviations, while high quality plates have a lower deviation. Weight deviation simply means how close the actual weight is to the stated weight on the plate.

Lastly, the type of weight plate protection plays a crucial role in the overall cost. Cast iron plates with economy black finishes or gray paint finishes are the most affordable. However, they offer the least durable plate protection. Paint can chip or crack in gym settings, exposing the iron to the elements and starting the rusting process.

Rubber coated plates are the next step up offering excellent plate protection and better impact resistance. However, some users do not like the rubber smell associated with them. Urethane is the industry's most durable, longest lasting Olympic plate coating with little to no smell associated with them.

Our selection of gym plates and weight lifting sets are available in cast iron, rubber coated and urethane covered options to suit different applications and budgets. We carry both standard 1-inch plates and 2" Olympic weightlifting plates. Our lines of weight plate sets are available without or with bars in a variety of sizes, such as 300 lb, 400 lb and 500 lbs. They are ideal for home gyms, high schools, colleges, military exercise facilities, personal training studios, hotels and professional fitness centers of all types.