Aerobic Dumbbells

Aerobic Dumbbells

Vinyl & Neoprene Weights

Vinyl Weights and Neoprene Dumbbells are lightweight dumbbells that typically range from 1 lb to 15 lbs in 1 lb increments. They are designed to be used for aerobic workouts, offering added lightweight resistance to cardiovascular or fat burning exercises. They are also ideal for physical therapy and rehabilitative needs to help introduce recovering muscles to lightweight resistance in an effort to build toward heavier resistance over time. The vinyl and neoprene coatings offer affordable dumbbell protection that is also easy to clean. These aerobic dumbbell sets are favorites among workout classes in gyms, such as aerobics classes, HIIT training classes and group strength training classes.

Gtech Fitness® offers vinyl coated dumbbells and neoprene covered weights from Body Solid, Troy VTX and York Barbell Company. We sell these colored dumbbells by the pair or in a variety sets with and without racks to help outfit different home and commercial facility needs.

Our selection of aerobic weights is suited for home gym use, school weight rooms, college fitness programs, personal training studios, wellness centers and commercial fitness centers of all varieties. Plus, we offer our best prices up front with free shipping to any of the 48 contiguous United States on our complete selection of vinyl and neoprene dumbbell sets!

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