Cable Attachments

Cable Attachments

Cable Machine Attachments

Gtech Fitness® offers a large selection of home and commercial weight lifting pulley attachments from Body-Solid, TAG Fitness, Troy Barbell VTX, USA Sports, and York Barbell Company. Our lines of cable machine accessories and cable attachment sets are available with or without rubber grips. Plus, when it comes to offering a variety of styles, it's easy to see that Gtech Fitness® has you covered.

Having a good selection of cable machine handles offers you or your clientele an excellent source of exercise choices, creating endless exercise variations at an affordable price. They can effectively provide exercises for the upper body, core muscle groups, and lower body, such as hips and glutes. Few other fitness accessories can boast such a wide range of exercises, especially for the price.

When choosing steel weight machine attachments, the question typically turns to the rubber grip option. Rubber grips offer added comfort and, in most cases, provide a more secure grip. However, rubber is a wearable item. In time, especially in professional fitness environments, the rubber may wear or even tear over time.

Steel cable grip attachments typically offer a knurled pattern, rougher on the hands and not as comfortable, but offers tremendous longevity, even in the most challenging settings. The customer must weigh the differences between comfort, longevity for their particular application and needs. We offer our best prices upfront with free shipping nationwide on our line of gym cable handles!