Weight Stack Machines

Weight Stack Machines

Gym Selectorized Machines

Weight lifting machines are an essential piece of exercise equipment for any type of gym or fitness facility. They offer a level of safety matched by no other strength equipment and are excellent pieces for unsupervised fitness rooms, such as hotel fitness centers, college gyms, corporate fitness gyms and apartment fitness rooms. Plus, pin-select weight stack machines allow beginners and those of lower fitness levels to engage in strength training exercises and progressively increase their resistance in a safer manner than with traditional free weight exercises.

Gym workout machines have a wide range of prices. The differences in price can be directly associated with overall quality. Higher quality machines offer little to no assembly with stronger components and better ergonomic designs in order to move more naturally with the human body.

Light commercial strength machines are designed for non-membership fitness facilities, such as schools, apartment fitness rooms, small training studios, fire and police workout rooms. Full commercial weight lifting machines are designed to be used in membership based gyms that can have usage up to 24 hours per day.

Our weight room machines are produced by quality manufacturers, such as Body Solid, Inflight Fitness, MuscleD, Steelflex by FMI and York Barbell. They feature heavy-grade construction, using heavy-gauge steel frames, powder coat finishes that help protect against rusting, plus, heavy-duty cables, Kevlar® Belts and pulleys with self-lubricating bearings to keep maintenance to a minimum.

We offer a wide selection of weightlifting machines, such as chest machines, leg machines, back machines and cable machines with our best prices upfront and free shipping nationwide!