Cardio Mats

Cardio Mats

Cardio Equipment Mats

We offer home and commercial cardio mats by Body Solid and Supermats. These protective floor mats are available for upright exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, spin bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines.

Cardio machine mats are not made of heavy-duty rubber, like typical weight room mats. These mats are made from a durable PVC. Home cardio mats typically use an "air-filled" PVC, while commercial cardio equipment mats are not air-filled, making them more solid and durable for tough gym settings.

These protective floor mats help reduce floor damage by reducing cardio machine shifting or movement during workouts, plus, help catch small debris and dust given off from mechanical friction.

Home and gym cardio mats are designed primarily for hard floor surfaces, but can be used on short-style carpeting. They are not recommended for shag or plush carpeting, as this can cause the mats to bunch up.

Our line of cardio mats are ideal for home gyms, school weight rooms, apartment fitness rooms, wellness centers, military and commercial fitness centers of all varieties.


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