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School Gym Equipment

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School Gym Equipment: PO's & Quote Requests

Fitness equipment for schools and colleges plays a crucial role in promoting the well-being and development of students. It provides a dedicated space for physical activity, helping children and adolescents stay active and healthy. Regular exercise not only enhances physical fitness but also contributes to improved concentration, better academic performance, and reduced stress levels. In addition, school workout equipment fosters teamwork and social interaction, as students can engage in group activities and sports, building essential life skills and friendships. By investing in such equipment, schools create an environment that supports the overall growth and health of their students, laying the foundation for a brighter and more successful future.

At Gtech Fitness®, we have been a trusted provider of school gym equipment since our inception as G2 Fitness Products back in 2007. In 2008, we transitioned into the official Gtech Fitness® you know today, maintaining our unwavering commitment to offering top-quality fitness equipment tailored for college fitness rooms and school weight rooms across the USA. Our extensive selection of workout equipment encompasses a variety of options, including glassless mirrorsgym weights like commercial dumbbells and weightlifting plates, as well as commercial weight benches, workout racks, and practical fitness equipment storage solutions.

Purchase Options: Online or Purchase Orders

When purchasing fitness equipment online, we prioritize your transaction's security. We provide the flexibility to work with fitness equipment purchase orders, allowing our valued school and college clients to opt for Net 30 terms for payment after they've received their order. Alternatively, you can make your purchase directly through our SSL secured website. Website orders process the payment at the time of the order placement, ensuring you can meet your financial budget obligations without worry.

Fitness Equipment Quotes: Get the Best Deals

Whether you're assembling comprehensive equipment packages or require a quote for approval through your educational institution, we're here to help. Requesting a fitness equipment quote ensures that you receive the most competitive pricing available, streamlining the approval process. Regardless of your preferred method of purchase, Gtech Fitness® is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, top-tier brand name products, and flexible payment options to keep your school's weight room updated and competitive.

Tax-Exempt Purchases: Hassle-Free Shopping

For customers whose equipment is being shipped outside of Indiana, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, or Washington state, our online system will automatically exclude sales tax from your order. If you're placing an online order, there's no need to provide a tax-exempt certificate when shipping outside of these states. For schools in those aforementioned states looking to buy gym equipment online tax-free, simply visit our Contact Us page to request an online tax-free account. Tax-exempt schools in Indiana, Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Washington must provide a valid tax-exempt certificate to have taxes removed from their orders. Additionally, these entities can send their tax-free purchase orders via email by requesting our email address through our Contact Us page. Don't forget to include a copy of your sales tax exempt certificate.