Hyperextension Benches

Hyperextension Benches

Lower Back Extension & GHD Benches

We offer a variety of home and commercial hyperextension benchesroman chairs, and glute-ham developers by quality fitness equipment manufacturers, such as Body-Solid, Inflight Fitness, Valor Athletics, TKO, and York Barbell Company.

Hyper-back benches are a great way to help strengthen lower back muscles, and they even incorporate hamstring muscles and glute muscles with the exercise movement. Most units sit at a 45° angle, but we also offer some adjustable angle options.

Roman bench chairs have the user in a horizontal position, which increases the exercise intensity and is more advanced than 45° hyperextension benches. Plus, roman chairs allow the user to work on extraordinarily advanced and strenuous abdominal workouts.

Glute ham raise benches, also known as GHD benches, can be used for lower back exercises and designed for advanced hamstring and glute development. These workout benches are ideal for school, college, and professional athletics as many coaches have found work on these benches helps increase sprinting speeds.

When looking to buy hyperextension benches for sale, we offer our best prices upfront with free shipping to the 48 contiguous United States on our selection!