Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls

Weighted Balls for Exercise

Our lines of home and commercial med balls and med ball sets consist of a wide variety of weighted exercise balls, wall balls and slam balls, all of which are designed to handle any home, school or professional gym setting. Plus, they are made by some of the best manufacturers in the business; Aeromat, Body Solid, Dynamax and Troy Barbell VTX.

Choosing the type of weighted workout ball that best suits your needs can be a bit overwhelming. The biggest misconception surrounding medicine weight balls is the use of rubber med balls. Many believe that all rubber med balls are designed for bouncing or slam ball exercises. However, this is not the case. Of course, there are many that are designed for bouncing exercises, such as our Body Solid Rubber Med Balls, but some manufacturers do not warrant their rubberized workout balls for bouncing exercises. Be sure to check the individual product descriptions to ensure the weight ball you choose suits your needs.

If explosive exercise ball exercises need to go to the next level, wall balls and slam balls are the way to go. The use of wall balls and slam balls has increased tremendously over the years. The benefit of developing explosive abdominal power has proven to enhance athletic performance in just about every sport imaginable and at every level. Our Dynamax Wall Balls are the best wall balls we offer. They are made in the USA from high quality, 70% post-consumer recycled material and offer a long, proven history of durable performance at the highest levels of athletic training.

Our fitness weight ball options help enhance gym workflow, giving your members more exercise options to choose from. We offer great prices with free shipping nationwide on our entire weighted fitness ball line!