School Fitness Equipment in Weight Room

School Fitness Equipment

Gtech Fitness® has been supplying college and high school fitness equipment since our conception as G2 Fitness Products in 2007. Plus, our famous glassless mirrors have even found their way into middle schools and elementary schools due to their safe and lightweight design.

We have since incorporated as Gtech Fitness® in 2008. Still, we offer the same quality fitness equipment lines designed for college fitness rooms and high school weight rooms across the USA.

Our school exercise equipment choices range from commercial weights, such as dumbbell sets, and Olympic plates, to commercial free-weight benches, workout racks, and fitness equipment storage solutions.

Purchase Orders or Buy Online:

When buying fitness equipment online, we understand your purchase's security comes first. So, we offer the ability to work with purchase orders, allowing our school and college clientele to pay with Net 30 terms after they have received their order. Or, you have the option to purchase online through our SSL secured website. Website orders charge your card when the order is placed, so you can meet your charge deadlines without concern.

Fitness Equipment Quotes:

When you put together large equipment packages or need a quote to request approval through your school, you can request a quote. Quotes ensure you receive the best possible pricing and simplify the approval process.

Whichever purchase method you choose, Gtech Fitness® is here to provide outstanding customer service, excellent brand name products, and flexible payment options. We help ensure your school weight room stays up to date and ahead of the competition!

Tax-Exempt Purchases:

When equipment ships outside of Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, or Washington state, our online system will not apply your order's sales tax. If you submit a purchase order, a tax-exempt certificate is unnecessary when shipping outside of these states.

For schools looking to order gym equipment online tax-free and located in Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, or Washington state, Use the green "Contact Us" button below or view our Contact Us page to request an online tax-free account.

Tax-exempt Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Washington schools must supply a tax-exempt certificate to have tax removed from your order. These entities can also submit their tax-free purchase orders to our toll-free fax: 866-838-1231. Please include a copy of your sales tax exempt certificate.