Dumbbell Storage

Dumbbell Storage

Dumbbell Weight Racks

Our lines of home and commercial dumbbell racks are made by quality fitness manufacturers, such as Body Solid, Inflight Fitness, Powerblock, TAG Fitness, TKO, Troy Barbell VTX and York Barbell Company. Plus, our dumbbell storage racks are designed for just about every type of dumbbell available, hex dumbbells, pro-style dumbbells, chrome dumbbells, 12 sided dumbbells and more.

When it comes to dumbbell holder rack styles, we offer single tier, twin tier and three tier racks. They are available with a flat shelf design for hex, 8-sided and 12 sided dumbbells, or, with dumbbell saddles designed to house most commercial pro style dumbbells. Gtech Fitness® also carries dumbbell weight stands for adjustable dumbbells by PowerBlock and compact vertical dumbbell racks for smaller dumbbell sets.

The primary difference among dumbbell holder racks will be overall construction and materials. Home dumbbell racks will utilize lighter gauge steel, such as 12 and 14 gauge. Plus, more bolts and less welding will be used to help reduce cost, both in manufacturing and shipping. Commercial gym dumbbell racks offer heavier gauge steel frames, typically 11 to 12 gauges. While some commercial racks still incorporate bolt-together systems, fewer bolts are used and increased welded joints helps increase durability.

When looking to buy your next dumbbell weight stand, be sure to check out the selection at Gtech Fitness with our best prices upfront and free shipping nationwide!