Squat Racks/Power Cages

Squat Racks/Power Cages

Fitness Cages, Rigs & Weight Lifting Racks

Gtech Fitness® offers home and commercial squat racks, such as power cages, power racks and squat stands from Body Solid, BodyCraft, Inflight Fitness, TKO, Valor Athletics, Xtreme Monkey and York Barbell Company. Depending on the model, our lines of weightlifting racks are designed for home, non-membership and full membership gym use.

When comparing the differences among weight lifting cages and racks, price is directly correlated to overall quality. When dealing with a hunk of steel that has to repeatedly endure hundreds of pounds of weight racking, day in and day out, overall quality dictates product longevity. Simply put, when dealing with fitness racks, the higher the price, the longer it will last.

Home cages and racks use thinner gauge steel and smaller steel tubing, such as 2" x 2". Any reduction in steel used during manufacturing, leads to lower pricing in the marketplace. Next, the quality of the steel used will play its role in dictating price, as well as, the precision of the manufacturing. For example, many professional workout cages use robotic welds and laser cut parts to reduce slop which can lead to subtle instability or premature wear. Paying for higher quality manufacturing will lead to better performance and product durability.

Commercial power racks and cages use thicker gauges of steel, typically around 11 gauge. Plus, the steel tubing gets larger, such as 2" x 3", 2" x 4" and 3" x 3" steel tubes. They will also incorporate more welds and less bolts for assembly. A reduction in bolts used for assembly leads to more stability. Home cages will use more bolts and less welds to help cut cost, plus, make things easier when moving your new exercise cage in and out of a residence with 3' wide doorways.

When looking to buy your next power cage or squat rack for sale, we offer low prices with free shipping nationwide for apartment fitness rooms, home gyms, school weight rooms, personal training studios, college, military and commercial fitness centers of all varieties.