Privacy Policy

Gtech Fitness® Privacy Policy

Gtech Fitness® maintains a strong commitment to our customer's privacy. Gtech Fitness® does not utilize your personal information for anything other than matters about your Gtech Fitness® transactions.

When you purchase from Gtech Fitness®, your email address will never be spammed. Other companies choose to send you emails daily or weekly after even just visiting their site. We respect our customers and website visitors' privacy with the highest regard. We will not abuse any information you provide us before, during, and after the sale.

When placing orders with Gtech Fitness®, please utilize pertinent contact information so that if your order is delayed, canceled, or back-ordered, Gtech Fitness® can contact you immediately. Please note Gtech Fitness® will always attempt to email information to our customers first, with information about their orders. We will try by phone if we do not hear back within a few business days.

Gtech Fitness® rarely, if ever, sends out promotional newsletters or email advertising for customers that have signed up to receive them. Customers can opt in or out of email newsletters and product updates via their account settings anytime.

If you have any questions regarding your privacy at Gtech Fitness®, please contact us.