Gym Wipes

Gym Wipes

Gym Cleaning Wipes

Gtech Fitness® offers disinfecting gym wipes, refills and dispensers for tough applications, such as home gyms, school weight rooms, college fitness centers and commercial gyms.

2XL worked hand in hand with major fitness equipment manufacturers and has developed a potent, germ-killing, alcohol-free formula designed specifically for fitness equipment. These disinfectant wipes offer a potent germ and bacteria killing formula that will not dry out vital gym equipment components, such as plastic wear guards, paint and upholstery. Plus, 2XL gym equipment wipes and dispensers are made in the USA for outstanding quality and customer satisfaction.

Alcohol-Free Antibacterial Gym Wipes by 2XL are highly recommended by Gtech Fitness®, over other wipes that contain alcohol, to help keep your equipment not only clean and germ-free, but long lasting and beautiful.

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