Plate Loaded Machines

Plate Loaded Machines

Plate Load & Leverage Gym Machines

Gtech Fitness® offers home and commercial plate loaded fitness equipment from quality manufacturers, such as Body Solid, BodyCraft, Inflight Fitness, TKO, Valor Athletics and York Barbell. Our lines consist of home and gym quality plate load ab machines, chest machines, lat machines, smith machines and leg presses.

Plate loaded gym equipment is an affordable alternative to traditional weight stack machines. With plate loaded leverage machines you get all of the benefits of traditional weight stack machines, such as added safety and the ability to push closer to or reach muscle failure without the worry of re-racking weight. However, you do not have to deal with the added cost of expensive weight stacks, saving money on both the weight stacks themselves, plus, the cost of transporting heavy stacks that is built into the final price.

Our plate loaded workout equipment is available in three different grades: home use, light commercial and full commercial grade. Positioning the right grade of product into the right fitness setting is important for overall safety and product longevity. Home products should be used for home gym use only. Light commercial grade products are designed for non-membership based fitness facilities, such as schools, training studios, hotels and apartment fitness rooms. Commercial grade plate loaded weight machines designed for full membership-based gym use.

 These affordable fitness machines are ideal for just about any home gym, school, training studio or commercial fitness setting. Plus, we offer low prices with free shipping nationwide on our full selection of leverage fitness equipment!