Troy Plate Trees

Troy GOPT Olympic Tree

5 stars

The Troy GOPT Olympic Tree holds 2" diameter hole plates and two Olympic bars with 2" diameter sleeves. The weight horns are spaced far enough apart to hold 45 lb. Olympic plates or most rubber bumper plates on all available weight horns, making it...
Troy USA Sports Standard Tree

0 stars

The Troy USA Sports Standard Tree is designed for 1" diameter hole plates, but many lifters prefer using this standard size tree for Olympic 2" plates, due to the ease of loading and unloading weight plates. This rack features quality...
Troy VTX T-OPT Olympic Tree

0 stars

The Troy VTX T-OPT Olympic Tree is designed to hold 2" diameter hole Olympic weight plates. It offers a sturdy 12 gauge steel frame with a durable black finish that is designed to help resist scratching, plus, a unique, attractive frame design. This...