Tricep Pushdown Bars

Tricep Pushdown Bars

Cable Tricep Pressdown Attachments

We offer tricep pressdown cable attachments from quality fitness equipment manufacturers, such as Body Solid, LPG Muscle, Troy USA Sports, Valor Athletics and York Barbell Company. These cable handles come in a variety of styles and price ranges to help meet different applications, preferences and budgets.

Our cable pressdown attachments are available with or without rubber grips. Steel grip attachments help maximize durability. These durable pieces can literally last a lifetime in most cases. They feature a knurled grip, similar to weightlifting bars. Rubber grip attachments offer added comfort. The enhancement to grip and safety is debatable between the two, as both versions offer a secure gripping surface.

Our tricep cable pushdown attachments are also available with or without center swivels. The center swivel allows for a more natural range of motion. This can lead to slightly less stress on tendons and joints, but over time, can also mean less exposure to tendinitis and other overuse training injuries.

We offer our best prices up front with free shipping nationwide to any of the lower 48 United States on our line of cable tricep extension handles!

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