Straight Handles

Straight Handles

Straight Cable Machine Handles

Straight bar cable handles are an affordable option to provide added exercise variation to your home, school or commercial gym. They work with high, low and mid-pulley cable machines for a variety of exercises, such as bicep curls, triceps press downs, upright rows, seated back rows and more.

Our straight cable machine handles are offered without or with rubber grips. The rubber grip option helps provide a more comfortable gripping surface, while steel grip straight cable attachments give you the utmost in durability.

Both steel grip and rubber grip styles are offered with a strong steel swivel design to promote easier rotation through the range of motion. This "revolving" action helps reduce stress on ligaments and joints during exercise.

We offer straight bar handles by quality manufacturers, such as Body Solid, Troy USA Sports and York Barbell Company. They offer quality construction that is built to withstand harsh gym settings. Plus, we offer our best prices up front with free shipping nationwide on our straight cable attachment bar lineup!