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Storage Racks

Gym Storage Racks

One of the most overlooked aspects when putting together your gym or fitness room is exercise equipment storage. Gtech Fitness® offers various home and commercial gym equipment racks for free weights, fitness balls, exercise tubesexercise mats, and other fitness products. We offer affordable, compact workout equipment storage racks from quality manufacturers, such as Aeromat, Body Solid, Inflight Fitness, TAG Fitness, TKO, Troy Barbell VTX, Valor Athletics, Xtreme Monkey, and York Barbell Company.

When it comes to free weight storage racks for weight plates, kettlebells, and dumbbell weights, we offer various weight trees, dumbbell racks, kettlebell racks, and bumper plate racks. These storage solutions can vary significantly in price. The price differences correlate to the quality of the construction. Weight racks and dumbbell racks that offer thicker gauge steel construction will inevitably cost more but will last longer. Remember, when comparing differences, the lower the steel gauge rating, the thicker the steel. An 11 gauge steel dumbbell rack is more robust and will typically cost more than a 12 or 14 gauge steel rack.

Exercise Storage Rack prices are also determined by whether the unit uses bolted assembly or comes with a fully welded mainframe. Fully welded frames offer superior strength and endurance, but cost more and are more cumbersome to move around. Bolted assemblies help reduce costs, but will typically have a small amount of play, but not enough to be noticeable for most applications. Plus, with advancements in manufacturing, bolt holes and components now have tighter tolerances than in the past, becoming less and less of an issue as manufacturing techniques improve.

Our workout equipment racks are ideal for home gyms, colleges, high schools, studios, military fitness rooms, and commercial fitness centers. When looking to buy your next gym storage rack, check out the extensive lineup at Gtech Fitness®. We offer our best prices upfront with free shipping nationwide on our entire lineup!