Chinning Triangles

Chinning Triangles

Home & Gym Chinning Triangle Attachments

We offer seated row/chin triangle handles by quality manufacturers, such as Body Solid, Troy USA Sports and York Barbell.

These iconic cable machine attachments are designed primarily to work with low to mid pulley cable systems for seated row exercises. However, they can double as a close grip chinning grip when placed on top of a pull up bar for body weight chest pulls and they work great from high pulley systems for close grip chest pull exercises, as well.

We offer these seated row handle either with or without rubber grips. The steel grip versions offer maximum durability and use a knurled steel grip. These models have been known to last indefinitely in most heavy-use gym settings. Rubber grip models offer added comfort, but the rubber grips are more susceptible to wear and tear over time.

The differences in construction among different brands is negligible. All use heavy-duty steel construction, welds and chrome finishes. When looking to buy chinning triangles for sale online, most customers turn to brand loyalty or overall looks and design of the handles they prefer.

Our chin triangle attachment line is suited to handle home gym settings, as well as harsh commercial settings, such as high school weight rooms, college fitness centers, personal training studios, commercial gyms and much more. We offer our best prices up front with free shipping to any of the 48 contiguous United States.

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