Cable Crossover Handles

Cable Crossover Handles

Cable Crossover Attachments

Gtech Fitness® offers a variety of single cable handles designed for home gyms and commercial weight machines. Our cable crossover handle assortment is made by quality manufacturers, such as Body Solid, Troy USA Sports and York Barbell Company.

These cable machine attachments are offered in traditional steel construction models with closed or open grip designs, plus we offer nylon cable handles. Steel cable handles offer a huge upside in terms of durability with a much longer life expectancy than nylon grip handles. The advantage nylon grips have over steel grips is overall comfort.

Nylon cable cross handles are generally best suited for environments where functional training exercise are more prominent. Due to their flexibility and added comfort, these grips are typically the grip of choice during advanced functional cable exercises.

Steel grip cable cross handles generally work best in settings where traditional exercises occur more often, such as cable crossovers and single bicep curls. If your facility is down the middle with these types of exercises, offering a blend of both handles will give your clients and members the best user experience.

These attachments are designed to handle any home, school or commercial gym setting. Plus, we offer our best prices up front with free shipping to any of the 48 contiguous United States on our selection of gym cable crossover attachments!

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