Cast Iron Plates

Cast Iron Plates

Cast Iron Weight Plates & Plate Sets

Gtech Fitness® offers a wide assortment of home and commercial cast iron weight plates sold by the pair and in a variety of plate sets to help outfit different applications. We carry low price economy weight plates, wide flange plates, machined plates and cast iron grip plates designed to meet ever price range when shopping online for quality cast iron Olympic plates.

Our cast iron plate lines are manufactured by popular brand names, such as Body Solid, Troy Barbell VTX, USA Sports and York Barbell Company. Pricing varies due to the overall quality in the manufacturing process. For example, economy weight plates are designed to hit the lowest pricing possible, so less quality assurance steps will be taken in the production process to help lower cost. This leads to cheap weight plates, but they lack precision, weight accuracy and higher quality paint finishes that can chip or wear faster over time.

High quality cast iron weight lifting plates offer more machining on more surfaces of the plate as the price increases. This leads to overall higher precision in the look of the plate. Plus, more quality assurance steps are taken in terms of keeping the plates at lower weight deviations, typically around 2% to 3%. Higher quality cast iron plates use better quality paint finishes and will usually offer a better grip design, either with wider flanges or incorporating actual grips.

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