Adjustable Benches

Adjustable Benches

 Adjustable Weight Benches

Gtech Fitness® offers a wide selection of home and commercial adjustable weight benches for sale from quality manufacturers, such as Body Solid, BodyCraft, Inflight Fitness, TKO, Valor, Xtreme Monkey and York Barbell. With so many weight bench options available, choosing one can be quite a task.

Our adjustable weightlifting benches are available in flat to incline or flat, incline and decline benches, also termed, FID benches. These gym benches provide a large amount of exercise variation when combined with dumbbells or when used with smith machines and power racks.

When dealing with a product that consists primarily of steel, upholstery, plastic and rubber components, there is typically a very good reason for the wide range of price differences available. As an adjustable workout bench gets more expensive, it typically has more steel in the construction. It has a more durable, thicker and higher quality powder coat finish. The upholstery is thicker and more durable. Higher quality, more resilient foam is used for the padding, plus, it is thicker than less expensive benches. The key for the customer is to find the right balance between quality and price.

Each adjustable incline bench is rated on the Gtech Fitness® website to help you find the right bench for your setting. We offer workout benches for home and gyms, but also for non-membership fitness facilities, such as schools, apartment fitness rooms, hotels and much more. Plus, we offer our best prices up front with free shipping nationwide!

  • TAG Adjustable Workout Bench

    TAG Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench

    Tag Fitness

    Description: This TAG Fitness Adjustable Weight Bench is one of our most affordable high quality adjustable benches. It features a heavy-duty 11 gauge steel frame that is protected by your choice of a durable black or silver metallic powder...
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