Troy USA Sports Olympic Dumbbell Handles

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Troy 2" Dumbbell Handles:

Troy USA Sports 2" Olympic Dumbbell Handles are a cost-effective solution to enhance your fitness regimen by seamlessly integrating your 2" diameter hole Olympic plates into your workouts. Crafted with precision, these handles feature a robust steel construction that guarantees longevity, all while boasting a resilient chrome finish for added durability. To ensure your safety during intense sessions, these handles are thoughtfully equipped with knurled grips.

Designed with versatility in mind, these handles open up a world of possibilities for your free weight exercises without breaking the bank. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting your journey, these Troy USA Sports Dumbbell Handles offer an affordable yet high-quality option to diversify your strength training routine.

Please note that the Troy USA Sports 2" Dumbbell Handles are intended for home use exclusively, providing you with the convenience and flexibility to tailor your workouts to your preferences within the comfort of your own space. Invest in your fitness journey today with the Troy USA (#GOD-20) Olympic Dumbbell Handles and experience the convenience and quality they bring to your home workouts.


  • (2) Troy Olympic Dumbbell Handles


  • Steel construction
  • Chrome finish
  • Sleeves: 2" diameter
  • Sleeve length: 6.84" each
  • Handle length: 5"
  • Handle diameter: 25 mm
  • Designed for Olympic plates
  • Total Weight: 24 lbs.
  • Make: International
  • No assembly required
  • Designed for home use only


  • Designed for residential use only.

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