Rubber Weight Plates

Rubber Weight Plates

Rubber Coated Weight Plates & Plate Sets

We offer a wide selection of rubber coated Olympic plates and rubber coated weight sets by Body Solid, Troy Barbell Company, VTX and York Barbell.

Our selection of rubber weight plates are available with grips or without and offered in a wide selection of stock plate set sizes, such as 255 lb, 355 lb and 455 lbs. Plus, our rubber coated Olympic weight sets with bars come in 300 lb, 400 lb and 500 lb sizes to suit your individual or facility needs.

Rubber weight lifting plates are exactly that, weight plates that have been coated with a protective layer of rubber in order to offer added protection from scratching and nicks. Rubber is a much higher quality protective coating than paint that is found on traditional cast iron weight plates. Paint can chip and wear over time, exposing the underlying steel or cast iron to the elements, which can lead to premature rust and corrosion.

In addition, rubber workout plates help reduce facility noise levels by quieting metal to metal contact during workouts. The rubber coating also helps protect your free weight equipment, such as benches and racks, from excessive metal to metal contact which can chip paint and also lead to the rusting process.

Our selection of rubber encased weight plates are design to work in a variety of home, light commercial and commercial facilities, such as YMCA gyms, school weight rooms, college, military and professional fitness centers of all types. We offer our best prices up front with free shipping nationwide on our complete selection!

  • Troy (#GO-R) Rubber Olympic Grip Plates

    Troy (#GO-R) Rubber Olympic Grip Plates

    Troy VTX

    $899.99 - $1,589.99
    Description: These Troy Rubber Grip Plates feature Troy's Interlocking design which allows users to load more plates onto machines and bars when using like-sized plates. Plus, it helps to reduce plate spin when loaded. The tri-grip design allows for...
    Free Shipping
    $899.99 - $1,589.99