Glassless Mirrors

Glassless Mirrors

Glassless Mylar® Mirror Panels

Gtech Fitness® Mirrors use an innovative "glass-less" design and are extremely lightweight, plus, offer outstanding image quality. They are available as wall mounted or with rolling stands. Plus, they can be converted at any time to either wall mount or rolling stand versions after your initial purchase, giving you the ability to change your glassless wall mirror to a glassless rolling stand mirror, or vice versa, as your facility needs change. Existing Gtech Fitness® wall mount mirrors would require the purchase of rolling stands to be converted to rolling mirrors.

Due to their lightweight design and exceptional versatility, our mirrors are used in a number of applications, such as home gyms, personal training studios, dance studios, school weight rooms, military workout rooms, college exercise facilities and commercial fitness centers. However, they are not limited to these settings and have been placed into other commercial applications, such as storefronts, medical clinics, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, hair salons and much more.

Image quality is always a concern when dealing with shatterproof mirror products. Old school stainless steel and aluminum models offer poor image quality that many people still associate with safety mirrors today. Acrylic mirrors are durable, but not able to offer the image quality of Mylar®  Mirrors.

Mylar® Mirror technology is an innovative way to make a quality safety mirror with outstanding image quality. The surface is 90-92% reflective ranking higher than a traditional household glass mirror that typically offers around a 70% reflective surface. Plus, with a large glass mirror there is often flexion due to the size and weight. Our strong, lightweight internal aluminum frame ensures the mirror will maintain a flat surface, even with our largest 6' x 8' size that weighs only 15 lbs. The flat surface is the key in delivering accurate image reflection without "fun-house" effects or distortion.