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When shopping online for a safe alternative to traditional glass mirrors, our line of Glassless Wall Mount Mirrors are the answer.

Our mirrors feature a lightweight design, are easy to mount and provide better image quality, clarity and sharpness than glass mirrors. They make ideal home workout mirrors, dance wall mirrors, weight room mirrors, exercise room mirrors and fitness room mirrors for a wide variety of settings.

These lightweight mirrors are made by "metalizing" a Mylar® polyester film, then heat-shrinking it around a sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame. This creates a perfectly flat surface, which in turn, creates excellent "HD-like" image quality.

Our Mylar® Mirrors use an internal aluminum frame that keeps the mirror surface perfectly flat, even with our largest mirror sizes. This creates an image quality that cannot be matched by standard glass mirrors that can often slightly warp as the mirror size increases.

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More Details:

Click for more detailed information about Mylar® mirrors.

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Note: Mirrors can be mounted horizontally or vertically


  • Internal Aluminum Frame
  • 90-92% Reflective (Household mirror is typically around 70%)
  • Wall Mount L-Brackets and Screws for Mirror Back Included
  • Customer must supply four screws per mirror for their wall type
  • Can mount vertically or horizontally
  • Thickness: 1.25"
  • Easy To Install
  • No Distortion or "Fun House" Effect
  • Made in the USA
  • Fire Rated
  • Not designed to be leaned against for exercises.
  • Not designed to be intentionally hit with exercise balls, etc.
  • Holes cannot be cut in after purchase.
  • Size cannot be modified after purchase.
  • Not designed for outdoor use.

Packing Options:

Due to the size of our mirrors, orders must ship with third party freight companies. A percentage of shipments are damaged in transit with standard box packing, which causes damages to the mirrors.

We now offer a wooden crate packing option to offer superior protection of your order and to help reduce the chances of damages to your mirror order while in transit.

  • Wooden Crate Packing: Greatly reduces the chances of damages to your order while in transit with a third party freight company. This option is highly recommended, especially for orders that are on tight deadlines and cannot afford waiting on production of replacement mirrors if the original order is damaged in transit. 
  • Standard Box Packing: If you choose the standard box packing and the order arrives damaged, you can simply refuse shipment and we will begin working on a replacement order.

Shipping Insurance:

Protect your Gtech Fitness® Mirrors in transit with shipping insurance. When signing for freight deliveries with any company, it is the customer's responsibility to notate damages to the product prior to signing for delivery.

In our experience, few customers will look over the outer packing and notate damages at the time of delivery or are not experienced enough to spot freight damages, such as small holes and dents, that can lead to product damage. The freight company will not replace the damaged product if damage notes are not made at the time of delivery.

Our new shipping insurance option helps protect you against any damages the freight company may incur while your mirror order is in transit. Gtech Fitness® will replace your mirror at no extra charge if the mirror is damaged in transit, with or without damage notes when signing for delivery, if your order includes our shipping insurance option.

*Note: Gtech Fitness® is not able to replace damaged mirrors if damage notes are not made at the time of delivery or if the customer opts out of shipping insurance.

Delivery Info:

  • Ships: Freight Carrier
  • Leaves Manufacturing: 6-8 Weeks (Estimated)
  • Average Delivery from Order Date: 7-9 Weeks (Estimated)
  • Shipping Cost to Lower 48 United States: $0.00

Customer Video Review:

Note: Above video references "exposed" bracket mounting. Brackets can also be hidden behind the mirror, so mirrors can be mounted very closely together.

Note: Mirrors can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Customers are responsible for ensuring mirror panels can fit through doorways, hallways and stairwells at their home or facility.

Mylar Mirrors are susceptible to tearing and scratches with abusive treatment or vandalism. Not designed for abusive settings.

Mirrors can be damaged in transit, at times. Please place your order way ahead of your scheduled need by date.

If mirrors are damaged in transit, replacement orders can still take up to 6 weeks to ship.

Cart will calculate discounted pricing automatically for multi mirror orders.

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  • Buy 4 - 9 and get 25% off
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23 Reviews

Grace P. 5th May 2018

Very Impressive!

We were very impressed with the creative and protective shipment packaging, and then when we opened it we were again surprised by the clever way the 2 mirrors were protected face to face. When we separated them, we were disheartened to see the distorted and wrinkly surface, UNTIL we read the little tag that said to remove the protective cover. Whew! And then our eyes popped at the surprising clarity of the wonderful finish. This is expertly engineered for use as well as for shipping. We had wondered if we would get our money's worth, and boy, we surely have. Thank you for the great job. Oh, and the delivery guy was great, too. He called a couple times and then actually helped us put the big package where we needed it. That was unexpected and delighted us two old folks. Thank you!

Jim F. 15th Apr 2018

Glassless Mirror Purchase

Excellent customer service and the glassless mirror was flawless and of high quality!

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