Fitness Equipment Price Quote Calculator

Gtech Fitness® Equipment Price Quote System

Gtech Fitness® provides quotes for exercise equipment to schools, colleges, government, military and commercial gyms. We also provide exercise equipment pricing quotes to home buyers on large package deals. Simply follow the steps below to receive your quote.

How To Request A Quote:

Step 1:

    • Add product and quantity to your quote using the "Add to Quote" button found on each product's web page.Add to Quote Button

Step 2:

    • Repeat with other products needed by clicking "Keep Browsing".Keep Browsing Quote Button

Step 3:

  • When your product list is complete fill out the contact form and click "Submit Quote".Submit Quote Request

Quote Parameters:

Gtech Fitness® only quotes the specific products we offer. We are not able to submit quotes for similar products by other brands or generic product names, such as "bench press". Items on the quote must specify exact makes and models found on the Gtech Fitness® website.

Quote Turnaround:

We strive to get quotes back to you within a few hours during normal business hours, but in certain cases, it may take up to 1-2 business days.

In Conclusion:

We hope our new quote request system makes your next gym equipment quote request fast, simple and easy!

Thank you for the opportunity to outfit your home or commercial facility with great exercise equipment at great prices and with free shipping nationwide!