Olympic Benches

Olympic Benches

Home & Gym Bench Presses

Gtech Fitness® offers home and commercial Olympic benches by Body Solid, Inflight Fitness, TKO, Valor and York Barbell Company. We offer home use, light commercial and full commercial grade models to help outfit any fitness application.

When comparing differences among Olympic benches it simply comes down to overall component quality, which leads to overall durability. Home Bench Presses use thinner gauge steel frames, padding and upholstery to help reduce cost. They typically will not have extras, such as bar racking guards, elaborate plate storage pegs and spotter platforms. These benches are designed to hit the lowest possible price points, making them affordable, but lacking the ability to handle heavier workloads like commercial models.

Light commercial bench presses can typically be a cross between a heavier built home model bench, or they can be designed specifically for light commercial settings, such as schools, apartment fitness rooms, training studios and other non-membership based facilities. These models will use thicker steel frames than home models, as well as, thicker upholstery and padding. Plus, they will include better bar racking guards, plate storage options and other extras.

Commercial Olympic weight benches are the heaviest built, designed to withstand membership based fitness centers. These gym benches use heavy-gauge steel frames, commercial rated upholstery, thicker powder coat finishes and protected plate storage pegs (if available), all of which are designed to help reduce paint chipping and scratches that can lead to the corrosion process.