Weight Sets w/ Bars

Weight Sets w/ Bars

Barbell Weight Sets with Bars

Gtech Fitness® offers home and commercial weight sets from quality free weight manufacturers, such as Body Solid, Troy Barbell VTX, USA Sports and York Barbell Company. We offer a variety of standard weight sets, bumper weight sets and Olympic sets.

Regular weight sets, also termed "standard weight sets", utilize 1" diameter hole weight plates with 1" diameter sleeve bars. These sets are designed strictly for general fitness needs in home gym settings only. Standard weight bars generally have about a 300 lb static test on average, so loading 100 to 150 lbs max for exercise is literally all they are designed to handle.

Our Olympic weight sets can be used for either home or commercial applications. The difference between home and commercial weight sets is mostly determined by the limitations of the bar the set comes with.

A home weight set is going to come with a bar that typically has a static test of around 500 lbs. Our commercial weight sets will have bars with static tests of 1,000 lbs or more to handle rigorous commercial use. Gtech Fitness® recommends weight lifting bars from 1,000 to 1,200 lb static test for light commercial settings, such as school weight rooms, personal training studios, hotel fitness rooms and other commercial settings where a gym membership fee is not charged.

For commercial membership-based gyms and military fitness centers, we recommend sets with 1,200 to 1,500 static test bars. Our bumper weight sets are different from our bumper plate sets found under our weight plates page. Bumper plate weight sets will come with commercial quality bumper plates and weightlifting bar included, whereas our bumper plate sets do not include a bar.

These gym weight sets are ideal for home, school and commercial fitness centers of all varieties. We offer low prices with free shipping nationwide on our entire line of quality weight lifting sets!

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