VKR Pull Up Dip Stations

VKR Pull Up Dip Stations

Power Towers

We offer a variety of pull up dip bar stations and vertical chair knee raise stations by quality fitness equipment manufacturers, such as Body Solid, Inflight Fitness, TAG Fitness, TKO and York Barbell Company.

Power Tower Stations offer a variety of body weight exercises in a relatively small and compact space. This helps conserve valuable square footage in your home or commercial gym. Plus, these units give your home or commercial facility more exercise options at a lower cost than more expensive strength training machine options.

The exercises performed from these units are body weight exercises, such as vertical knee raises for the lower abdominals, pull ups for the back muscles and dip exercises for the chest and triceps. The user simply uses their own body weight for resistance. However, for the average person, these exercises are advanced and typically require an exceptional amount of strength. These stations are ideal for targeting users of higher fitness levels or those looking to reach exceptionally high fitness levels.

Our lines of dip stands and pull up stations are designed to handle a variety of workout settings, such as home gyms, high school weight rooms, apartment exercise rooms, college, military and professional gyms. The basic differences among home power tower stations and commercial vertical knee raise stations is the overall construction. Home units use thinner gauge steel, thinner powder coat finishes and less resilient upholstery and padding, simply because these units will not see the heavy use as in a gym setting. Commercial VKR stations offer much more robust construction, with heavier gauge steel, higher quality powder coat paint finishes, thicker and more durable upholstery and padding.

Regardless of the model you choose, Gtech Fitness® offers great prices with free shipping on our selection of home and commercial workout towers to any of the 48 contiguous United States.

  • Inflight Fitness Commercial VKR Dip Station

    Inflight Fitness Commercial VKR Dip Station

    Inflight Fitness

    Description: This Inflight VKR Dip Station offers sturdy steel construction with a durable, silver-metallic powder coat finish and easy-to-clean marine-grade upholstery. This unit features inward angled arm pads to accommodate different size users,...
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