Plate Load Equipment - Valor

Valor BE-11 Smith Machine

0 stars

This Valor BE-11 Smith Machine offers 12-gauge steel construction with a smooth linear bearing drive system that rides on case hardened steel guide rods. With a quick twist of the Olympic bar the user can easily and quickly rack the bar on any of the...
Valor CB-12 Lat Machine

0 stars

The Valor CB-12 Lat Machine offers more than just back exercises. It has a lower pulley to work on bicep curls, seated rows, shoulder raises and more. The upper pulley can be used for not only back exercises, but triceps presses, ab crunches and...
Valor CB-14 Seated Row Machine

0 stars

The Valor CB-14 Seated Row Machine is an affordable unit that provides a quality back exercise. It features 12-gauge steel construction with a protective powder coat finish and high-density foam padding. Upholstered foot rollers offer added comfort...
Valor CC-4 Leg Machine

5 stars

The Valor CC-4 Leg Machine features sturdy 2" x 2" 12 gauge steel construction protected by a quality powder coat finish. This unit offers both leg extension and leg curl exercises performed from space-efficient seated position. A sundial-style...