Standard Bars

Standard Bars

Standard 1 Inch Barbells

We offer standard weight bars from quality manufacturers, such as Body Solid, Troy USA Sports and York Barbell Company. These weight lifting bars are designed to work with 1 inch diameter hole standard weight plates, also known as regular weight plates.

Our standard bars feature either smooth sleeve or threaded sleeve options. They are offered in 5 ft, 6 ft and 7 ft lengths. These bars are made with cold-rolled steel and offer an economical chrome finish. Max weight capacity for these bars is typically around 300 lbs, so they are designed for home use only and work great for general fitness needs.

Smooth sleeve standard weight bars require the use of 1 inch diameter weight collars. Unlike 2 inch Olympic sleeve bars where some users opt out of using a weight collar, with smooth sleeve 1 inch bars, weight collars have to be used.

Threaded weight bars come with star-lock collars that are threaded on to the bar after the weight is loaded. These bars offer exceptional safety during the lift. The only downside is the amount of time required to spin the collar on and off during weight transitions.

We offer our best prices up front with free shipping nationwide on our standard 1 inch barbell selection!

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