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Gtech Fitness® now offers exercise equipment leasing for businesses large and small through Pinnacle Leasing. We specializing in providing quality workout equipment to personal training studios, apartment fitness rooms, corporate gyms and commercial fitness centers of all types and sizes.

Leasing Requirements:

  • Leasing is for businesses only.
  • $2,000 Minimum Order Amount


Why Lease?

Quick - Convenient - Easy

We can make a decision with just a completed online application (up to $100k).

Conversely, most lending institutions will require tax returns, financial statements,

bank statements and projections. This can be time consuming and may take days to

accumulate. Our customers will have answers and financing options WITHIN 24 HOURS.


Low or No Down Payment

Owning equipment can be expensive. Leasing allows you to get your equipment you

need and begin using it right away with little or nothing down. The revenue earned

from using the equipment more than pays for itself.


Keep Your Cash - Free Up Working Capital & Credit Lines

Cash flow is the life blood of your business. Rather than tying up precious working capital or bank lines, smart businesses let the equipment benefits pay for the equipment... while your cash reserves and borrowing power stay in tact for your future success. Leasing is an off balance sheet transaction where the lease amount does not appear on your personal credit report, freeing up your ability to acquire more funds.


Tax Advantages

Many of our financing options offer you the ability to write off 100% of your monthly equipment payments. Bank loans typically only allow you to deduct the loan interest. And then there’s IRS Tax Code 179*. This allows you to deduct the full equipment amount in the first year of the lease.  (*Consult your tax professional)


Experience = Flexibility

Our unmatched experience and innovative funding solutions, coupled with 25 banks

to choose from, allows us a larger credit window to get the deal done with an approval rate around 95%. We also welcome start-ups and clients with tough credit.