Dumbbells - Urethane

We offer commercial urethane coated dumbbell weights by quality manufacturers, such as Cemco, Tag Fitness and Troy Barbell VTX. We offer these dumbbells sold in a variety of sets to help outfit different needs, facility types and budgets.

Urethane is the leading protective coating for dumbbells. It is the most durable, best looking and has little to no smell that can often be associated with rubber dumbbells. Urethane is more costly, but the upside delivers a longer lasting and better looking dumbbell that can help gyms, fitness centers and training studios retain and gain members.

Our dumbbell sets are available in 5-50, 5-75, 5-100 lb sets, plus much more. Plus, we offer sets in between, such as 55-75 and 80-100 lb sets, so you can build a gym quality dumbbell set over time.