Bodycraft Commercial Jones Machine

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The Bodycraft Jones Machine goes down in history as one of the most innovative product designs to every hit the fitness industry. The unique "free-motion" design offers a more natural motion than traditional smith machines, without sacrificing the safety and security of a traditional smith machine.

Smith machines move in a linear pattern only. However, with most free weight movements like squats and bench presses, the body actually follows a slight arcing pattern, so there is some forward and backward motion needed to follow each person's individual, true natural range of motion. The Bodycraft Jones Smith Machine does just that. It provides the up and down linear pattern of a traditional smith machine, but also incorporates a linear bearing system that moves front to back. The two motions combined gives you a natural "3D" motion, all with the same quick-racking safety of any smith machine.

In addition, you get your choice of bar. The "Active Balance Bar" is a bar that allows slight tilting from side to side, forcing the user to maintain balance. This creates even more of a true free weight feel, while maintaining smith machine-like safety. The Power Bar option offers a 1,000 lb static test and is a full 45 lbs in weight.

Due to its high quality commercial rated construction, the BodyCraft Club Jones Machine is perfect for any home, school, college or gym setting.


  • Patented 3D Motion
  • Heavy Steel Construction: 3" x 3" 10 Gauge Steel, 2" x 2" 11 Gauge Steel Tubing and 1/4" Plate Steel
  • Commercial Grade Linear Bearings - LM25
  • 30 mm Case Hardened Guide Rods
  • Heavy Dampening Springs To Absorb Accidental Drops
  • Assembly Required

Choice Of Bar:

  • Active Balance Bar:
    • Offers slight tilting from side to side to promote balance and real free weight feel.
  • Power Bar 45 lb:
    • Offers a 1000 lb weight capacity


  • Commercial Use:
    • Frame: 10 Years
    • Parts: 2 Years
  • Home Use:
    • Frame & Parts: Lifetime

Delivery Info:

  • Ships: Freight Carrier
  • Leaves Warehouse: 3-5 Business Days
  • Average Delivery from Order Date: 6-10 Business Days
  • Delivery Location: Curbside or Loading Dock (if available)
  • Delivery Appointment Required: Yes
  • Delivery Notification: Phone Call
  • Shipping Cost to Lower 48 United States: $0.00
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