Body-Solid Resistance Rubber Bands


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Body-Solid Strength Bands:

We offer Body-Solid "Tools" Resistance Rubber Bands in very light, light, medium, heavy, and very heavy resistances to accommodate a wide range of uses and individual fitness levels. These bands can be used for both strength training and aiding in stretching exercises.

These Body-Solid Exercise Bands attach to power cage and bench press band pegs to create "progressive resistance" through the range of motion during a lift. For example, instead of using a set resistance of 225 lbs on a bench press where the resistance is 225 lbs through the full range of motion, by incorporating workout bands, the 225 lbs resistance increases as the weight is pushed away from the chest due to the added resistance from the stretching bands.

Body-Solid Resistance Rubber Bands are sold individually for those looking to replace a band in an existing set or looking to purchase for other uses. They offer commercial-rated construction and are ideal for home gym use, schools, college athletics, personal training, and gym use.


  • Sold in singles
  • Smartly designed strength enhancing tool
  • Ideal for progressive resistance training
  • Can be used to increase or decrease resistance on exercises
  • Color coding for easy resistance selection
  • Flexible usage – on its own, or with free weight equipment with band pegs
  • Great for commercial use in gyms, aerobic classes and fitness centers
  • Commercial grade

5-Pack Set Includes:

  • (1 Each) Very Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and Very Heavy Sizes

Available Sizes & Colors:

  • Very Light - Yellow - 41"L x 1/2" W
  • Light - Green - 41"L x 3/4"W
  • Medium - Red - 41"L x 1 1/8"W
  • Heavy - Blue - 41"L x 1 3/4"W
  • Very Heavy - Purple - 41"L x 2 1/2"W

Body-Solid Weight Lifting Exercise Band Resistance Chart

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