Aluminum Bars

Aluminum Bars

Aluminum Weight Lifting Bars

Aluminum Olympic Bars offer a lightweight alternative to heavier weightlifting bars. This can be ideal for teaching lifting technique to youth and novice lifters. Plus, these bars can be used in physical therapy and sports rehab settings when a lightweight bar is needed.

Aluminum weight bars come in 6 foot lengths. These bars are not designed for heavy lifting, nor will their shortened weight sleeves allow room for loading up a lot of weight plates. The weight sleeves have a 2 inch, or 50 mm, diameter, designed to be used with 2 inch diameter Olympic plates.

We currently offer aluminum weightlifting bars by Troy Barbell VTX, Solid Bar Fitness, Xtreme Monkey and York Barbell Company. They are very similar in quality and functionality, so the choice is mostly derived from brand preference.

In addition. Gtech Fitness® offers our best prices up front with free shipping nationwide to any of the 48 contiguous United States on our line of aluminum technique bars!

  • Lightweight 6' Aluminum Olympic Bar

    Lightweight 6' Aluminum Olympic Bar

    Solid Bar Fitness

    Description: The Solid Bar Fitness (#AL15ZS) 6 Foot Aluminum Bar features lightweight aluminum construction that produces a bar that weighs in at only 15 lbs. Lightweight training bars are primarily used to aid in teaching proper lifting technique to...
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