Aerobic Toning Bars

Aerobic Toning Bars

Weighted Workout Bars

We offer gym aerobic bars by Body Solid and Troy VTX. To help outfit different needs and applications, we offer these padded weighted bars solid individually or in a variety of set sizes.

Aerobic workout bars are ideal for group settings, such as aerobics classes and group strength training classes. They provide excellent exercise versatility in a relatively small user space. With the 4 lb. to 36 lb. weight range, they are designed for lightweight, high repetition exercises that are perfect for elevating heart rate, caloric burn and muscular toning.

These padded weight bars feature a foam rubber padded steel core to provide added comfort, while maintaining excellent durability for tough commercial settings. The end caps are color-coded for easier weight selection. They are designed for home use, schools, training studios and other commercial fitness center applications.

We offer great prices with free shipping nationwide on our entire workout equipment and weighted padded bar lines!

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